Bex Watkins

Head Of Communications

Bex is a passionate storyteller at heart. With her unquenchable tenacity as her driving force, she decided to turn the traditional career path on its head and forgo university training straight after school. Instead, she chose to travel the world, learning the ropes of journalism first hand.

Later, after earning an MBA and cutting her teeth in small startup that grew to international heights, she became an award winning industry leader in Comms, Brand & Business Development and Public, Press & Investor Relations. Collaborating with big names names such as the BBC, Huffington Post, Barclays, Pinterest and PinkNews.

Bex’s aim is too shout from the roof tops, to all who will listen, about how Flashbang Studio aims to discover innovative and compelling ways of describing their clients products and services.

Fun Facts: Bex was once locked in an abandoned castle overnight. Her favorite ice cream is Pistachio. She hates the sound of the word ‘moist’ and is bad at impressions.