One of our landmark goals when we started Flashbang Studio was getting to do our first outdoor advertising – and what a great brief this one was – our digital animated billboards are live this week (as of March 19) in the first major advertising from for Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, at Holborn Eye, Vauxhall Cross, City Gateway and Euston Underpass.

We’ve created a whole series of design work for dotdotdot now – originally asked to create the Making Of series, we’ve now redesigned and re-released the website, adding features like “what you can expect to see”; set visual communication guidelines and created the exterior of the venue, and we’ve got some incredible new things coming up next in the run up to the launch on May 31st.

This is a huge project and one we’re very pleased to be a part of. We can’t wait for what’s coming up in the next two months, and even more so, for when the Experience is open!