Natalie Cherry

Creator & Co-Founder

I’ve worked in the design industry for a decade, starting in Mary Portas’ advertising agency for two years as a graphic designer, creating brand identities, shop window experiences and editorial showcases, then training as an art director, establishing a passion for telling stories in front of the lens. I moved into tech startups where I worked in UI and UX for seven years, designing the UI and UX for the world’s first global retail analytics platform at EDITED, and designing the app for the UK’s biggest elderly care technology company at Elder.

I played bass in London rock band Star Scream since 2014 and I cofounded Flashbang Studio with my then-bandmate Adam in 2017, and we have created video trailers, docuseries and branding campaigns as well as many logos and identities together since.

I like dance and punk music, Star Trek and video games.