The good thing when you hire a graphic designer is that there’s an expert who will help you out. It’s easy for you to bring your ideas to life because someone can do the entire design for you. Of course, sometimes you might encounter a problem where you have a vision, and the designer has a different idea. It could lead to conflict and delay the process. Fortunately, at Flashbang, we’re here to work with you on your idea and develop it into something you really love too. We’re as invested in the work as you are, we treat your business as an extension of ours, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with the result.

These are the ways to ensure that when you decide to hire a graphic designer, you have a good working relationship.


Hire an expert

The first thing to do is to hire someone who really knows the job. Don’t hire someone because the services are cheap. The reason why cheap designers might refuse to follow what you want is that it might involve something they don’t know how to do. With experts by your side, it doesn’t matter what your vision is. You can expect the designer to do it. If you can partner with a logo design agency in London that could also do other graphic design jobs, it would be better. You can guarantee quality results.


Be clear about what you want

Before you start to talk with a graphic designer, you need to have a vision about the output. A clear decision and vision would be the best way to approach setting your brief, and oftentimes graphic designers will allow you a set amount of feedback rounds before you’ll have to pay for more changes, as indecision on what is produced will incur more of the graphic designer’s time, so it’s important to decide on what you want. Your graphic designer will be willing to sit with you and advise on what’s best for your needs if you aren’t sure to begin with, so don’t be shy to tell them you have no idea what you want creatively, as long as you have a clear reason for the work to be done.


Be open-minded

You want a graphic designer who will listen to you and your ideas. Similarly, you also need to have an open mind in the process. Although you’re the client, graphic designers don’t want to put their names on something they won’t be proud of. Therefore, if they tell you that some of your plans aren’t good enough, or won’t be visually appealing, you should listen. 


Don’t be demanding

You can ask for changes without being overly demanding. You can also request changes and provide constructive criticism without frustration. Remember, your graphic designer wants this work to be the best it can be too – this isn’t simply a means to an end for them, it is their passion. They are on your side. Honesty is the best policy in maintaining a good professional relationship. The best way to keep a good relationship with your graphic designer is to be considerate when asking for changes and be upfront about what you like and don’t like from the start so that they know what direction you desire – even if you haven’t figured it out yet.


Make quick decisions

The designer will allow you to decide on what you want to happen regarding some details. They will advise on what is most suitable for your brand or business, such as colours or fonts, and their expertise is why you hired them. Your decisions here are just the beginning of the process. It will help if you make quick decisions since the designer still needs to do other things to finish the job. If you can’t make up your mind, it could delay the job.

Hopefully, you will find someone who can work well with you and guarantee quality results. It might take a while before you finish the entire task, but you can do it with an expert by your side. You could work together again on future projects if you have a successful outcome.

We always love working with recurring clients, as returning for more work is an indication of a successful relationship. If you’ve enjoyed working with us, let us know!