What makes a great creative agency?

Choosing the right creative agency for marketing or design is a tough job. The growth in creative industries and the corresponding growth in marketing support means there is a wealth of choice on offer. But if you’re not sure where to begin, this choice can be overwhelming.

We’ve taken a look at the top creative agencies to find out what it really is about them that makes them the best. Here are our tips to help you find the best agency for your needs.


They tell you what they’re doing

And they tell you who’ll be doing it. When you work with a creative agency, you need to know who exactly you will be working with. It is not great for continuity or inspiration when you are constantly having your work handled by different people. A good agency will tell you who will be working with you, and what they will be doing in terms of process, timescales, and budgets. You will be able to discuss any concerns you have about personnel upfront before you get into the project. And you will always be able to contact the people working with you if you have any queries or you want to change direction.


They’ve done great work

Above all, when you hire a creative team, you want results. And while every business is different, it helps to work with an agency that has achieved great things in the past – preferably for businesses with a similar outlook to your own. They need to be able to show you what they have done in the past. And it also helps when they can evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and understand how they can do a better job in the future.


They pride themselves on versatility

Look for an agency that excels in a wealth of areas, from Flashbang logo design to video production, content creation to brand management. You need to work with an agency that can handle all your needs and one that can also be innovative and flexible when it comes to working on your individual projects. Get you an agency that can do everything. 


They know their industry

A great creative agency is a leader in their industry. They understand trends and current industry developments and can use the best of these to your advantage. They probably have a high-quality blog, or they are active contributors to industry publications. They network and create connections that also work to your advantage. And they are certainly thought leaders in their field.


They’re in it for the long term

Working with a creative agency is a long term relationship. A great agency has regular, long term clients and enjoys working on long term projects. The fact that clients stick around says a great deal about the agency. Of course, you want innovation and freshness, but you also want someone reliable and someone who will support you through every stage of your business development. Look for testimonials from clients who have been clients for many years. You’ll soon get the measure of the agency. At Flashbang, we continually work with more than half of our clients, and we have great reviews from those who needed a one-off.