About the client

Dotdotdot are a London-based immersive theatre production company, founded and led by serial entrepreneur and marketing boss Andrew McGuinness. Following on from the success of 2018’s Somnai, a feature-length audience-participation immersive experience based on sleep, dreams and nightmares (for which Flashbang did the videography documenting the show’s content), dotdotdot partnered with legendary composer Jeff Wayne to bring his 1978 Musical Version of The War of the Worlds to a new generation through a two-hour immersive show, combining live actors interacting with participants, augmented reality, virtual reality, simulation, pyrotechnics and projection, all set to the soundtrack of the iconic album.

The brief

During the time we spent closely filming the cast and crew for the ‘Making Of’ series and cinematic trailers, we took the reins of the entire promotional design campaign, upon pitching a poster idea for the show and suggesting we would be capable of all skillsets, not just videography. We were subsequently asked to design and build their website, advertising campaign, brand identity design and brand guidelines, sales brochures both pre-launch and pre-Christmas, business cards, marketing emails, press invitations, printed menus for the two separate bars in the show, souvenir photo booklets guests can purchase with their photo inside, street window displays including a set of newspaper pages featuring elements of the show designed to look like they were from the time the story is set; outdoor signage for the in-house bar ‘The Spirit of Man’, social media banners, London Underground posters and Exterion Media outdoor animated billboards

Outdoor Advertising

We created billboard ads for both static and animated outdoor billboards as well as London Underground ads across tube stations and on buses throughout summer 2019.


The campaign extended to the printed media…

Branding & identity within the Experience

…and we branded the printed media in and around the Experience itself… from the brand guide to the logo forged in metal outside the venue

…and we branded the printed media in and around the Experience itself… from the brand guide to the logo forged in metal outside the venue

…and bar menus, created as pages in real antique versions of other HG Wells’ books, and two beers created by Truman’s especially for the show, which we named and branded as Thunder Child and Scavengers’ Gold.

Iconic Logo Refresh

Flashbang had the chance to give the iconic War of the Worlds logo a refresh for the show and for the videography work, making it 3D, metal and shiny, adding light and shadow and a Victorian-steampunk style metallic texture.

In situ projected onto the hologauze curtain ahead of launch night

Website Design & Development

Flashbang designed and built a website for with the primary purpose of selling tickets for the show.