Flashbang is an award-winning London design agency (Best Full-Service Design Agency SME*) who have designed acclaimed billboard campaigns, advertisements, full-page tabloid press campaigns and posters featured throughout London Underground as well as promotional videos viewed by over a million people.

We have helped clients with their successes including reaching the 18th highest-rated night out in London, appearing on national television, exhibiting at top London exhibitions including Comic Con and Grand Designs, and supporting and touring with some of the biggest names in music.

We have been crafting brands, creating videos, promoting businesses and events since 2017 and are excited to begin working with you and add you to our diverse family of clients.

our design process

Phase 1: Getting to know you

We’ll talk to all the key stakeholders in your business to get to know exactly where you want to be. We want to know your field as well as you do, analyse your competition and give you the best start. We firmly believe that when you create your business to look and feel like you’re already at the level of success you are aiming for, people will buy into it, your audience will believe you are a forerunner in your field and you’ll find it easier to progress. You’ll also seriously scare those competitors.

Phase 2: Creation

After researching your field and learning what you dream of, we’ll get to work on creating the assets or content required. This is the exploratory design stage, so if it’s a video we’ll be making a ‘shoot deck’ with a look and feel, or a storyboard, and if it’s a designed piece we’ll be sketching and trying out ideas. The purpose of this stage is to consolidate all we’ve learned about your business and aims into a brand style, in order to present to you to get your feedback and show we’re on the same page.

Phase 3: Feedback

We’ll either meet up to discuss your feedback or send the work electronically and have a Skype or call if it’s more convenient. All key stakeholders should be available for this so that all decisions can be made at this stage, because we’ll implement changes and develop any concepts into the final designs after this. If a video is to be shot, this will be the pre-shoot meeting, where we will ensure everyone is happy and excited for the upcoming shoot, for which we’ll then provide a call sheet. You’ll have the chance to provide feedback on the edit of the video after the shoot too.

Phase 4: Sign-off

Once you are happy with the edit or design, we will send a sample of the final version to you for sign-off. Once approved, we’ll send you a Dropbox folder with all variations / formats / sizes required of the final version, and the project is finished. If we have ongoing work together, we’ll set up a Dropbox folder for everything, and keep adding new work in nested folders so you can easily find it.

website creation process

Phase 1: Structure

We begin by looking at the website structure and the goal that you want the end user to achieve. This will allow us to create a sitemap and user flow, where we plan how the user is taken from A to B. Once we have set solid foundations we can then move onto the design and user experience (UX).

Phase 2: Design + UX

The design process follows a set of stages to bring your website to life. The first stage is to establish the global styling, which is based on your branding. This includes the colour scheme, typography, general layout, web iconography and imagery (can be photography provided by you in this case). Once we have decided on a design style, we create a static design for your approval. Then we will apply the design to a prototype, creating interactive elements (CTAs, Forms, etc) for you to see how the website will look in real life.

Phase 3: Development

Running parallel to the design phase is Development. We start by installing the Content Management System (CMS – we use Wordpress). It is the most scalable and user friendly CMS on the market and is trusted by over 85% of the Web.

We use a mixture between off-the-shelf and ready to use tools with bespoke code. This helps us achieve maximum functionality and compatibility, while making your website unique to the user. Once the back-end CMS is in place and the chosen design has been converted into a fully responsive staging environment and the custom features / functionality is working, we then move onto implementing the rest of the website content. This includes the copy, images and a base selection of no more than 10 products if the site has a shop section.

Phase 4: Testing + Launch

The final stage is testing. Here, our team of perfectionists go through the website with a fine tooth comb. We eliminate any bugs / browser issues and prepare for launch.
We can either fully manage and host the website on our servers or hand over on sign-off.